Main soya hoon

July 5th, 2017 admin

Main soya hoon koi jagaao mujhe
Main hoon ye tasalli karaao mujhe

Ye doori thi meri mujh hi se magar
Bula apne seene lagaao mujhe

Khuli aankh se bhi dikhe bas andhera
Asal ya fasaana dikhaao mujhe

Hoti hain mulaqaatein kaion se har din
Ek baar kabhi mujh se bhi milwaao mujhe

Khwab aur haqeeqat ke is tawaazun mein
Ladkhada gir raha hoon uthaao mujhe

Nikla tha bekhauf alag aur akele
Thak gaya hoon, dikhoon to bulaalo mujhe

Bhool chuka hoon ke main koun kya hoon
Yaad aaoon kabhi to bataao mujhe.

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The joys of silent argument

July 6th, 2015 admin

My wife is so considerate
in handling matters delicate.
When we argue she speaks her mind
before proceeding to remind
me of all the wrongs I ever did.

Once her gripe has been professed,
and my offences reassessed
she takes my silence in her stride
and reports how I would have replied
to each of the charges pressed.

Admiring every uttered letter,
I forgo the urge to be co-fretter.
Undoubtedly she knows me well.
From those replies it’s hard to tell,
if I could have defended myself better.

Her eye then catches mid-critique
a furtive smile my face does leak
upon finding that my voice was heard
and yet not a single word
was I required to speak.

Dialogue may be overrated
just as quiet is understated.
Does a finer pleasure life extend
than exchanges with wife and friend
where of woe is love created?

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Visualizing algorithms

January 29th, 2015 admin

Algorithms Visualizaton (Sampling, Shuffling, Sorting, Maze):
Bloom Filter Visualization:
Cuckoo Hashing Visualization:
Fourier Transform:

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Education and learning

January 14th, 2015 admin

Education is the journey from not knowing anything (ignorance) to not knowing what you do know and knowing what you don’t (active learning) to knowing what you do know and not knowing what you don’t know (false pride) to knowing what you do know and knowing what you don’t (grateful humility).

Gain in absolute knowledge comes with a loss in relative knowledge. The more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is.

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Inferences from paycheck swings

January 9th, 2015 admin

In the US, if you see a drop in your January paycheck (compared to the last paycheck in the previous year), you may want to keep this news to yourself. The reason is that it may reveal something about your salary.

Typically, a noticeable drop in take home pay starting with the first paycheck of the year is ascribable to the additional amount you pay as FICA tax (Federal Insurance Contributions Act), also known as Social Security tax. Every year, you pay 6.2% of every paycheck until you hit the limit of $7347 (limit as of year 2015 – keeps going up by small amounts each year). The greater your salary, the earlier in the year you will reach the limit and therefore stop contribution to FICA. If your salary is around $118K per year you will hit that limit in your last paycheck of the year (6.2% of 118K ~= the limit of $7347). And then a new year starts and you do not notice any dip in your net pay since you will start paying the same amount in January. If, however, your salary is more than $118K then you hit the $7347 limit sooner in the year and therefore you will both see an increase in take home pay sometime during the year, as well as the subsequent drop at the beginning of the next year. So by giving out information that you saw this drop in net pay in January, you may be telling the world that you make more than 118K (including bonuses etc.). What’s more, if you reveal when during the year you saw the bump in the paycheck, you may be revealing your actual annual salary (with some margin of error, of course). I found it interesting that you do not have to mention how much the salary increased by, just the paycheck during the year in which you noticed the bump – and then you can figure out the rest. Could be turned into an interesting math puzzler.

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The Flight

December 27th, 2014 admin

Here are a few thoughts on the trades we make between freedom, stability, responsibility and joy.

The fancy flight of a floating seed
in a chance or careful sow,
is lost to roots that hold and feed,
free, in place alone, to grow.

With eager arms the sun it seeks
in a lonely skyward plough
until the littlest songbird speaks
in praise of its shady bough.

The tree bends low in a shared embrace
weeping with that sage delight
at the thousand travels it shall grace
until the final freeing flight.

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PhD Dissertation Document

July 19th, 2013 admin

Here is the latest version of my PhD Dissertation document and slides for the defense talk. This way you can access the latest version of this document without me having to email it individually. I foresee these documents to change over the next few weeks (perhaps until August 6th for the slides and August 20th for the dissertation) as I refine them.

Click this link to download the dissertation – AnilKrishna-Dissertation-Document
Click this link to download the talk slides – AnilKrishnaPhDDefenseSlides

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A Song for Computer Architects

May 28th, 2013 admin

(Set to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”)

Von Neumann, Wire-delay, Context Switch, Tag Array,
Custom ASIC, Weighted Speedup, Continual Flow,
Issue, Reservation Station, SuperScalar, Speculation,
Load Queue, Store Queue, Instruction Window,
Rounding Error, IQ CAM, Non-volatile SRAM,
Byte Code, VLSI,  Dirty Bit per Cacheline,
Branch Predictor, TLB, Flush and Recovery,
Morris Mano, Forward Slice, Signal ACK or RETRY
We didn’t short the wire
It’s been getting hotter
We should cool it with water
And don’t call me a liar
Yes, while I did write it,
prior art was cited
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Tutorial on Cache Coherence and Scaling Issues

June 4th, 2012 admin

Cache coherence is a concept in Computer Architecture that deals with managing multiple copies of data in a computer system. This short tutorial is suitable for someone who is aware of the basic concept and is only trying to brush up on it. The focus of the tutorial is introducing the two classic approaches to Cache Coherence and identifying what happens as more and more caches must be kept coherent. Click this link – TutorialOnCacheCoherence

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Tutorial on the concept of Bloom Filters

June 4th, 2012 admin

Bloom Filters are used in many places in Computer Hardware design and elsewhere. I am sure we use it in day-to-day life without realizing it or giving it a fancy name. Here is a simple, lateral, introduction to this commonsensical concept via a concocted real-life, non-computer-architecture example. Click this link – TutorialOnBloomFilters

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